It’s the question all business owners ask “Does blogging help with SEO”. The answer is more crucial than you think.

How many times have you used the internet to search for something you want, the information you need or to quench your need for knowledge? I bet you have done this several times. You realize that most of the information you are looking for is readily available in the first three to four websites that appear after your search. Have you ever wondered why? The secret lies in blogs.

The question asked by many business owners is whether a blog is useful for Search Engine Optimisation?”My answer is “Yes” it is very useful. Then there’s the question “why is it useful?” Blogs are very essential in giving your website an edge in the search engines for the following reasons.

Blogs offer content that keeps people interested and contains quality information.

I can tell you for a fact that I have experienced this first hand. I am more likely to visit your website if I get information on it from a blog that is interesting. Blogs are there to create content that makes people want to come for more.  Say you use a blog to direct people to your website; will you just give them plain information? Your answer should be “No”. When you use a blog to direct people to your website you need to keep them captivated and eager to get more insight into your website and business. Also, you will notice that the first search results from your search engine are most likely the ones with interesting, relevant information. Why? Search engines will direct you to information that people spend a lot of time on and not the ones that people spend less time on. So do you think someone will spend less time on an interesting piece and more time on a less interesting piece? No.

Blogs help with SEO essentials

What do I mean when I say SEO essential? These are the back bone principles that help your website have an edge when appearing in the searches from different search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can also use a blog to ensure that you get the best out of the SEO essentials and in turn, you get to attract more and more people to your website. How can one do this?

a) By allowing you to maximise the use of long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords have become essential to the concept of search engine optimisation. Nowadays people prefer using long tail keywords because they are a bit more specific. When users now search from the internet, they tend to be more specific and instead of searching for dog beds they will search for something more specific like “dog beds ideal for large dogs”. The long tail keywords may be very unattractive when used for your website but are ideal for your blogs. This ensures they are directed to the specific content they require. Say you have a website and you specialize in selling a certain product that has different classifications, you can use a blog to highlight all the types of products you deal in separately. With the blog you can specify the types of products you deal in using long tail keywords and the end result will be more traffic to your website.


b) They help with internal and external linking

Using a blog, you can improve your SEO by adding internal and external links on your website. The internal links are useful in helping readers go from one page to another on your website while the external links are used to direct users to other websites. This is a very essential part of growing your SEO. When internal links are used together with keywords, the results are amazing. Say you have different websites and you are looking to direct users to all of them. You can use a single blog to do this by simply using keywords as the anchor texts to direct users to the sites. In the case of an internal link you can use the keywords as anchor texts to direct users to the different pages in that one website.

Also you will realize that other sites will also want to link back to your website provided you have an interesting blog. Other websites are also looking to get traffic for themselves. For this reason they will look for a blog with valuable information that they feel will be appreciated by their readers. If they find that your website fits the criteria they will provide links to your site.

Blogs need to be frequently updated.

What is the use of a blog if you do not frequently update it? When one has a blog they have this unending desire to always keep their blog updated to stay a mile ahead of their competition. The thing with blogs is that it is very easy to upload new content everyday without too much hassle. You can give your readers new information everyday, you may even decide to upload three new pieces every single day. How do you correlate fresh new content with SEO? It is very simple; if you want search engines to direct users to your site they have to be confident that you can provide them with information that is useful and up to date. No search engine will want to lose the trust of their users by constantly directing them to sites with outdated and poor quality information. So the blog now becomes useful, it is also good because once you have a blog you also eliminate the need to constantly update your websites homepage.

Blogs are a good way of connecting with people

People love reading material online and especially if it is useful. You will find that when people read a blog and they find it interesting and useful, they are more likely to share the post to their friends or colleagues, be it by social media or other platforms available.

So people who ask, does blogging help SEO?

Then you have your answers above. Blogging is actually very useful and you will never know how useful it is until you try it.