It’s no secret that small business owners are one of the most hard working and time poor people on the planet today. To have a successful business requires more than just knowing your craft. It requires time management, office work, negotiation skills and business marketing to name just a few. It’s hard to say which one of these is the most important but from where I sit, if you don’t invest in marketing, whether it be with time or money, you won’t have customers. So to help you get your head around this I am going to share with you 7 Advantages of Social Media for Business.

Cost Effective

The number one best thing about being on Social Media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin is that it costs you absolutely nothing to set up and be on. All it takes is some preparation and time. I know, time is the one thing that you are short of but the dividends will pay off in no time.

Increased Brand Awareness and Revenue

Social media for tradesO.K let’s face it the only reason we work is to make money and to make money in business you have to increase brand exposure and Social Media is perfect for this. Social media is a sharing platform where consumers can go to get to know your business. There are many opportunities within Social Media where you can grow your business community. The bigger your business circle means the bigger your chance of generating more revenue and this is every business owners goal.

Build Brand Authority and Customer Trust

Building your brand and gaining customer trust is all done by providing relevant and informative content. The things you decide to post to your social media should be things like before and after images, articles about topics within your industry, blog posts (if you have one and I recommend you do) humorous but not derogative images and positive quotes to name just a few. Your choices are endless here, keeping in mind that your content represents who your business is and stands for. If a customer views your content and feels like the information you have provided makes you an authority in your field you will gain their trust and have 58% more chance in turning them into a paying customer (according to Social Media Examiner).

Spy On Your Competitors

social media for tradesOne of the greatest powers that a business can use within social media is the opportunity to create a strategy by researching their competitors. You may be struggling with what social media channels you should be using but a simple search of your competitors will reveal which ones they are using. Simply put if they are on it, so should you. Facebook pages also have a tool called “Pages to Watch” where you can add your competitors and see how many likes they have and monitor their like growth on a weekly basis. This cannot be achieved using the traditional methods of business marketing.

Create Targeted Ad Campaigns

If you are unfamiliar with Facebook you may not be aware of just how exact you can be with targeting your audience in your advertising campaigns. Facebook can narrow down your targeted audience by age, gender, profession, interests, behaviours and locality. So if you know your social audience you can target and engage with them. No guessing! If you are unsure of whom you should be targeting, use this as a sign to invest some more time into getting to know who your customer is. It is a critical part of running a successful business on social media.

Improve Your Customer Knowledge

social media for tradesUsing your social media channels to engage with your customers is an important part to the social media experience. Social Media is a way people can communicate directly with a business. Sharing their experiences and creating a conversation with and about you is the perfect way you can find out what they like, dislike and want to know more of. From here you can adjust what content you provide and who to target in your campaigns.

Improve Your SEO Rankings

Increasing your SEO should be on your to do list. Getting on that first page of Google or any other search engine is a huge benefit for any business. Just look at the way you personally look up information on Google. You type in the search term and up pops the first page relating to what you typed in. Chances are this is where you stop. You scroll down the first ten spots and probably find what you are looking for so why go to the next page? Can you, now, see how being on that first page would benefit your business and increase your chances of being seen? This is where providing and posting good quality, original content can boost your SEO. By doing this it will most likely go viral or be very popular on social media, people will “LIKE” it, “SHARE” it or “LINK” it which will boost your rankings.

It’s Up To You

Whether you decide to test the waters of Social Media for your business or not is totally up to you. I have listed 7 Advantages of Social Media for Business hoping to inspire you to start the journey. I am a small business owner, I am married to a small business owner and my Dad was a small business owner. I understand the struggles of time management and learning something new but I truly believe that social media for small business owners is essential in this day and age. There are many options out there for you if you do not want to do it yourself. So like every business decision you make take the time to do your research but whatever you do don’t put it off for too long.